A Day in the Life of a Thesis Writer

Spring Break.  Less than a month before theses are due.  At this point, all of your thesis-writing friends have gone into hibernation, and all of your non-thesis-writing friends are sick of listening to you talk about your thesis.  Now you’re at school, silently despising all your friends who are sitting on a beach somewhere warm, probably sipping daiquiris and talking about…whatever it was you used to talk about before you started your thesis.  Now let’s see what your day will look like:

12:05 am: If I go to bed right now, I can get up at 8 and hit the gym before going to the library all day.
12:06 am: Oh my god, the dog in this YouTube video can talk.  I have to find all the other talking dog videos on the Internet.
2:00 am: Okay, now I’m actually going to bed.  Right after I read this article about how lack of sleep leads to heart disease.
2:45 am: Actually get in bed.
11:35 am: Apparently I forgot to set an alarm.  If I just take a quick shower and eat something I can be in the library by 1 and finish writing this chapter by tonight.
1:30 pm: Thesis carrel.  I should probably check the news before I start writing.  Wouldn’t want to be uninformed…
3:45 pm: How did I end up looking at more videos of talking dogs?? I thought I found all of them last night!
3:46-5:15 pm: Write furiously, somehow managing to produce 5 well-written pages that are relevant to the central topic.  Victory dance.
6:10 pm: Wake up suddenly with keyboard marks on face.
7:00 pm: Catch up on latest episode of Glee while eating whatever is left in the fridge from last night, since I haven’t made it to Weshop in days.
8:00 pm: Fantasizing about post-thesis life.
8:05 pm: Being absolutely terrified about post-thesis life.  Consider failing so as to stay in college another year.
8:06 pm: Existential crisis.
9:15 pm: Is this an email from my advisor?  About a post-Spring-Break meeting?  Which is three days from now?
9:20 pm: Frantically go over everything that needs to be done before meeting.
9:45 pm: Make completely reasonable plans about how much work I can do each day in order to complete everything.
9:50 pm: Existential crisis.
11:45 pm: If I go to bed now, I can get up early and go to the gym before getting to work.
11:58 pm: Is this an entire website dedicated to hamsters dressed in adorable costumes??

-By Lauren Kuhlik ’11

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