Writing Workshop Opening Soon!

Drumroll, please…

The Writing Workshop officially opens this Sunday, September 11! This year’s tutors will be eagerly waiting your arrival in Olin Library, the Shapiro Creative Writing Center, and SciLi between 7-11pm on Sunday. It can get pretty lonely in there, so make sure you stop by!

Don’t have any papers to write yet? No problem! The notion that you can only bring completed assignments to the workshop is a complete myth. The tutors are available to talk about anything writing-related. Seriously, anything. In addition to bringing in your papers, here are a ton of other ways you can use the Workshop:

  • Plot out ideas for a paper that isn’t due for a few weeks.
  • Brainstorm topics for a final research assignment (it’s never too early to do this!).
  • Bring some of your old work, perhaps a paper that didn’t turn out as well as you had hoped, and ask the tutor to critique it. Get a head start on the semester!
  • Initiate a Q&A session with the tutor on duty about writing in his or her discipline, particularly if this is a discipline you are unfamiliar with. (Note: when the Workshop schedule gets finalized, we will list each tutor’s major next to the hours and location he or she is working so that you can find tutors who are experienced in your subject area.)
  • Request a mini-tutorial on an aspect of writing you have trouble with. For instance: how to properly format citations, how to write clear, argumentative theses, etc.
  • Workshop tutors will happily look at creative work, too! Feel free to bring any short stories, poems, or editorial pieces you have been working on.
  • Get some feedback on job, fellowship, or scholarship applications.

Remember: the Workshop is an all-purpose writing resource! You don’t have a paper with you to reap its benefits.

Plus, the tutors like visitors. Make their days and stop on by!

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