Weekly Writer’s Roundup: 9.24.11

A rainy weekend is still a weekend. Get yours off to a good start by checking out what’s been happening in the world of writing this past week:

  • According to his new Twitter, Salman Rushdie is “locked in a Scrabble deathmatch series” with Kylie Minogue. This blows my mind a bit. (The Guardian)
  • This is fantastic news: a new collection of Shel Silverstein poems is being released over a decade after the poet’s death in 1999! I used to carry “Where the Sidewalk Ends” with me everywhere when I was a kid.
  • To continue on the children’s literature trend, this is a fantastic article on children’s authors who (thankfully and to marvelous effect) disrupted the tradition that books were meant to teach children proper behavior. (New York Times)
  • In honor of Deaf Awareness Week (Sep. 19 – 25), educate yourself on the very interesting concept of American Sign Language in written form. The goal of si5s, a prominent organization dealing with written ASL, is to compile a wealth of ASL literature for the deaf community in text form. (si5s)
  • Ever been gone to such great lengths to avoid breaking style rules (don’t use passive voice, avoid flowery language, etc.) that you wind up with awkward language anyway? Author Janice Hardy offers some tips on when to just give up and use that adverb, already. (The Other Side of the Story)

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