Weekly Writer’s Roundup: 10.01.11

Happy October, everyone! Here’s the last trickle of writing-related news from September:

  • Perhaps the biggest news story of the week: Amazon announces its own version of the iPad that will sync with the Kindle. Thoughts? (NPR)
  • This Smithsonian article on the Top 10 Books Lost to Time is both fascinating and aggravating. Did you know that before the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer wrote the epic Margites, a comedic epic from which only a few lines have survived?
  • NPR has published a snapshot of Michael Chabon’s new book for kids, The Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man. It looks rad.
  • Ah, the issue of the relevancy of book publishing rears its ugly head once again. This article from BigThink examines the subject from a new angle: if book publishing is becoming increasingly “irrelevant,” then why are so many people pursuing MFAs?
  • This is cute: the 10 best songs based on books! (The Guardian)

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