Stethoscope Press Deadline Extended!

Good news everybody! The deadline to submit to Stethoscope Press has been extended!

If you did not get the chance to send your creative writing submission to Stethoscope Press, you have another week! The deadline is now SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th. All submissions will be considered together and interviews may follow during the week after the deadline.

Stethoscope selects four writers and works with you one-on-one all year to publish a book by you. We will be learning about bookmaking, binding, layout, and other wonderful things together, as well as editing your book. All genres accepted.

— Leia Zidel ’12

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity! Have you ever had a spectacular idea for a book but couldn’t find out how to actually sit down and write it? When you’re working on an independent project in addition to being a full time student, it can be so easy to constantly push your creative work aside. But let’s face it: sometimes, telling yourself you “can always come back to it in a few weeks” is just an excuse. If you’re committed to your creative endeavors, Stethoscope Press will keep you accountable! This could be your year; jump on the chance to produce something amazing!

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