Writing a thesis? Thinking about maybe possibly one day writing a thesis? Head over to WesScholar!

WesScholar is a database of Wesleyan writing that includes a number of senior theses from years past. (You can also find faculty papers and oral histories if you scope around!) If you visit the Honors Theses Page you will find a list of theses organized by subject, all downloadable in PDF form. The collection is quite impressive! Read through whole theses, or simply skim through the titles and abstracts to get a sense of what your peers have been up to.

To juniors debating whether they want to undertake a thesis next year, the database can provide insight into the following points:

  • What topics have previous students in my major written about? What might make for a new and interesting topic?
  • How broad/narrow are thesis topics in my major?
  • How long is a typical thesis in my major?

To seniors currently working on theses, flip through the collection and think about the following questions:

  • How have other students organized their theses into chapters? What has been successful and what hasn’t?
  • Which titles are attention-grabbing?
  • How many sources does a typical thesis in my major cite in the bibliography?
  • What type of citation style do theses in my major employ?

Even though for many, theses are a long way away (and most thesis writers haven’t even started writing yet), it’s never too early to think about these things!

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