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Whenever I need a break from reading for class (which tends to be often) I love to browse through these websites, which offer short, insightful stories and articles.  The best part is that even though they offer content written by pros, they’re also open to submissions from anyone who has something to say and knows how to go about saying it. 

All are great for inspiration or just for fun, but once you’ve gotten a feel for what they’re looking for, why not try and become their newest contributor?

Thought Catalog

This online magazine offers musings on everything from “Why are the Kardashians so popular?” to “The Most Embarassing Rock Music of the Early 2000s”-basically, any cultural topic about which someone might have a strong opinion.  Some essays are silly, some are more contemplative, and none will take you longer than a couple of minutes to read. Submit your own thoughts, and get the chance to be featured alongside writers who, according to the site, “have published everywhere from The Paris Review to Maxim.”

100 Interviews

In October 2010, aspiring yet unemployed journalist Gaby Dunn made a list of 100 types of people she knew existed, but had never met.  Then, she set out to find and interview all of them.  Read about her 100 unique interactions–with a Buddhist priest, someone who writes greeting cards, and Stephen Colbert, among others–then contribute to the project by submitting your own “piece about people” in any form.

Open Salon

A side project of Salon, an online magazine that covers politics, news, entertainment, and culture, this works more like a blogging platform that anyone can submit to- pieces that are highly rated are boosted to higher visibility, and sometimes Salon will repost articles to its main site.  Write about whatever you’d like, or stick to the theme of the day for a chance to be featured on the “cover.”  Right now, there’s an open call for essays on the theme of “Freshman Orientation”- this is just begging for a Wesleyan story or two!


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