Submit to OSTRANENIE! Check Out Its New Mission Statement!

OSTRANENIE 6.1, a campus publication, is now considering submissions through TOMORROW, October 27th at MIDNIGHT. The magazine accepts ANYTHING CAPABLE OF 2-D REPRESENTATION, including but not limited to:


Send your work to SAMIZDATPRESS@GMAIL.COM or WESBOX 92156 .

Samizdat (literally “self-publishing”) has its origin in the subversive literature produced by dissidents in Soviet Russia. Samizdat Press hopes to remain true to this legacy by supporting self-directed student publications and disseminating works that provoke and inspire. The press provides a venue for the publication of student work through financial and technical assistance. One way we achieve this is through our current semesterly project, Ostranenie (from the Russian literary term meaning “defamiliarize”), which collects work across and outside genre in a book-object that strives for quality, eccentricity and novelty.

Remember to send your work to SAMIZDATPRESS@GMAIL.COM or WESBOX 92156.

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