Stethoscope Student Writers: Alec Harris

Student-run Stethoscope Press has selected four students who will be working with peer editors to write and publish their own books.  Get to know the writers, and keep checking the Writing Blog throughout the school year to read about their progress.

Alec Harris '14 is working on a collection of poetry

Sophomore Alec Harris, a prospective English and Economics majors, grew up in Deerfield, Illinois with two older brothers whose contrasting personalities–one is a playwright, while the other is an aspiring accountant–have, through the combining influences of artistry and ninety-degree rightness, shaped the writer he is today.  Poets Timothy Donnelly, Jorie Graham, Charles Simic, Robert Creeley, John Ashbery, James Schuyler, and Rumi have also inspired his writing.

With the help of Stethoscope, Alec is working on a collection of poems that focuses on the relationship between perception and the mind, with how, as he explains it, “the mind deals with the undeniable solitude of perception while simultaneously having undeniable faith in the collective experience, in what is collectively perceived.” Alec’s ruminations will touch upon:

The poles of action and inaction, self-erasure and self-exposure, silence and sound, all in an effort to better understand the tension between the mind as a confine, and the mind as a liberation. I hope that my completed collection acts as an exploration into the mind (perhaps mine) that, while cohesive, houses the contradictions and distortions that we cannot escape.

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