Stethoscope Student Writers: Daniel Goldman

Student-run Stethoscope Press has selected four students who will be working with peer editors to write and publish their own books.  Get to know the writers, and keep checking the Writing Blog throughout the school year to read about their progress.

Daniel Goldman '12 is writing a collection of short stories

Daniel Zachary Goldman, a double math and philosophy major, has been having something of a quarter-life crisis, which has taken the form of a strong desire to write fiction.  We can think of worse things.

A senior from Miami, Daniel is working on a collection of “vaguelly-thematically-connected short stories,” featuring “a narrator with an unusual secret, a woman with a traumatic past, and a homeless man without half of his teeth.”  He apologizes for the vagueness, but doesn’t want to ruin any of the twists he has in store by giving away too many plot details.  We do, however, have a title: “The Reconsiderations.”  Alright, Daniel, we’re intrigued.

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