See you on the flip side

You’re (finally) on break…and now, so are we!

The Wesleyan Writing Blog is taking a brief hiatus over winter break. But don’t worry, we won’t completely disappear; for the next few weeks we’ll be taking things easy, posting less frequently on less scholarly subjects. So keep checking back!

And stay tuned for next semester. Over break, we’ll be hard at work brainstorming ideas, drafting posts, and compiling resources for you all to enjoy in the spring. We’re especially excited to share some fantastic series written by our very own writing tutors! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for content you would like to see – or if you would like to help write the content yourself! – please email us at We’d love to get your input!

Finally, even though we’ll be on break doesn’t mean your writing has to be! You’ve got nearly a full month to get in touch with your creative side with no academic deadlines hanging over your head. Embrace it! Here are some suggestions for writing projects you can undertake in your (now extensive) free time:

  1. Really proud of a paper you wrote for one of your classes? Consider submitting it to an academic journal! Check out this list of journals accepting undergraduate work. Remember: most journals require that you submit to one publication at a time, so choose carefully! You’ll probably also want to edit your piece considerably first, taking care to make sure that your document meets your targeted journal’s specifications.
  2. Adapt a paper you’ve already written. No matter how fantastic your paper on post-apartheid economic fluctuations may be, few people are going to read it once they see the two pages of solid footnotes. You spent so much time researching and writing the darned thing, it would be a shame if no one read it. So, adapt it! The break provides a great opportunity to build upon all the hard work you’ve done this semester and produce a piece more accessible to a general audience.
  3. Start planning your next big academic project. If there’s even the faintest possibility of a senior thesis in your future, now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about it.
  4. Check out what you missed this semester. Were you dying to take that course on African art this semester but couldn’t fit it into your schedule? Check with Broad Street for the book list and rent the ones that look interesting from your local library. Casual, fun (and free) learning!
  5. Read for fun, for once. Students typically have so much reading to do as it is that pleasure reading is always last on the list. Make it a priority this break! Make a list of those books you’ve been dying to get to all semester and start working through it one by one.
  6. Set some creative writing goals for yourself. Take some time at the start of break to think about what you want to accomplish by the time you’re back on campus in January. Are you hoping to finish your first short story? To edit and organize all those poems that have been accumulating in your notebook all semester? If you set concrete goals (more specific than just “I want to write more”), you have a much higher chance of seeing them through.
  7. Get into the writing habit. Write every day. Something. Anything. You’re not busy with school work so you really have no excuse not to spend ten minutes a day with your nose in a notebook.

So what are you waiting for, Wesleyan? Get cracking! And have a fantastic winter break!

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