Different Problems, One Simple Solution

Consider, if you will, the following three Wesleyan students:

Student A (let’s call her Jenny) has never taken an English class at Wesleyan before. She’s excited to be enrolled in one this semester, but after a few weeks of classes it’s becoming clear she’s a bit out of her depth, especially since half the class is made up of junior and senior English majors. Her first paper, a literary analysis, is due next week. Jenny thinks she understands the concept of a literary analysis, but she’s not sure; she didn’t want to ask about it in class and let her classmates realize how inexperienced she is.

Student B (let’s call him Philippe) is so busy sending out cover letters left and right to secure a good summer internship that he barely has time to focus on his schoolwork. Luckily he doesn’t have many academic papers to write this semester, since he seems to be writing a new personal essay for this or that application every week!

Student C (let’s call her Zara) is so thrilled to finally be enrolled in the East Asian history class she has been dying to take since freshman year. The first major assignment, a research proposal for the eventual final paper, isn’t due for another three weeks, but she’s already getting nervous: she has no clue what she wants to write about! She’s hoping to use this research paper as a launching pad for her senior thesis next year, so she knows she needs to come up with something good and she’s running out of time.

What do Jenny, Phillipe, and Zara have in common, you ask? Their problems can be solved (or at least ameliorated) with a visit to the Writing Workshop! It doesn’t matter what you’re working on (creative writing, journalism, academic work, etc.) or how much you’ve written (maybe you’re just starting out, or maybe you’re on draft nine), the Writing Workshop can help! These students sound at all like you? Swing on by. This service is free; make use of it!

As of today, the Writing Workshop has been open for over a week; as you can see if you sign into your e-Portfolio, we already have a ton of appointments booked. (Fyi: stay tuned over the next few weeks to hear from our fabulous tutors.) So, what are you waiting for? Best to stop by now when things are light. We look forward to seeing you!

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