A Peek into ADLit’s Archives

The cover of ADLit's 1970 issue

ADLit, Alpha Delt’s literary magazine, is looking for submissions from the entire Wesleyan community!  They are open to all kinds of material that could be put on a printed page, be it writing (fragments, short stories, plays, even an excerpt from a longer work), art (collage, sketches, your paintings, comics) or anything else.  They’ve sent us some gems from their archives in the hopes of inspiring a new generation of Wes students to contribute.  Check out this catchy tune that reminds us how much worse course selection was back in the day, and check back for more treats as the submissions deadline approaches!

“The Back to Middletown Blues,” Spring 1985

(basic blues progression-sung mournfully)

Woke in the morning, knew I had to go
So I packed up my trunk and my stereo
I rolled up my posters, shook out my rugs
Put my records in a crate, gave my family their hugs
I headed off with my two boxes of shoes
Oh it’s The Back to Middletown Blues

Well I headed up on the New Jersey Turnpike
Was tailgated by some thug on a bike
Over the bridge and under the city
Thought that the Bronx was looking very pretty
Up 91 to Hartford, admiring the views
Oh it’s The Back to Middletown Blues

Outside of Sci Li for a mighty long time
When I finally got to the head of the line
They said, “You’re in debt and you owe us large amounts!”
So I waited three hours in student accounts
They said, “You’re not allowed to learn ‘til you pay us your dues’
It’s The Back to Middletown Blues

What’s that weeping, wailing sound?
It’s hundreds of students during shop-around
Try to get a card for an interesting class
The Prof seems okay and you think you could pass
Then the teacher says, “Thiscoursegivespreferencetoseniormajors
but you can be on the waiting list if you choose
It’s The Back to Middletown Blues

Well I finally got some cards, went to find my FA
But the lady at the desk said, ‘Oh, he’s not in today
you see, he was fired from grading exams and things looked bleak
So he’s on vacation ‘til late next week!”
I nearly fainted at this terrible news
It’s The Back to Middletown Blues

Well, I still have some time to do a little strumming
Between Astro-Gut and African Drumming
I’m carrying seven credits, I got three different jobs
And I’m wearing my new T-shirt that I bought at Bob’s
I got five pairs of elf-boots in five different hues
So I’m ready for those Back To Middletown Blues


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