What students say about the Writing Workshop

During the month of February, there were 144 visits to the Writing Workshop.  Here’s what some of your fellow students had to say about the Workshop:

[The tutor] carefully read through my two papers and made really constructive comments. He asked me questions throughout his reading of my papers to sure up my sense of my theses. It was extremely helpful.    –  Student ’14, 2/6/2011

She answered all of my questions and provided insight with regards to my problem areas. She then offered ideas about writing in general that I also found useful to think about. I left feeling more confident about my argument, and I intend to use her suggestions in future papers.    –  Student ’12, 2/8/2011

I’ve been visiting the Writing Center continuously since the beginning of the year and my writing has improved dramatically.    –  Student ’13, 2/10/2011

He read my paper aloud to me which helped me realize when things sounded awkward even if they might have seemed okay on paper. He also used a white-board to show me awkward sentences and have me visualize it so I could rearrange it. These methods were really helpful.    –  Student ’14, 2/20/2011

[The tutor] was so helpful because he totally understood what I was trying to say and he let me know when I wasn’t being clear. It was amazing how quickly he caught on to what I was writing about and we went through the whole paper line by line together.    –  Student ’11, 2/22/2011

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  1. senior '11
    March 28, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    The Writing Workshop rocks!! And this blog rivals Method!!!

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