Spotlight: Klekolo World Coffee

It doesn’t matter how you pronounce it, Klekolo makes a good cup of coffee. With a large menu (including all espesso drinks, chai, teas, “Smooshies,” and soy substitutes), reasonable prices, and a close walk to campus, it is a great, do-good independent coffeehouse worth your support.

Klekolo opened its doors in 1994 committed to providing organic, fair-trade coffee. It is woman-owned and makes a point of supporting local artists. It offers free wi-fi, games, and good company. Though it doesn’t have a kitchen, it has delicious baked goods instead. Bring your laptop, bring a friend, and settle down at one of their no-nonsense small tables to get to work! (Or sneak a cup of coffee into Russell Library, just up the street).

Their mission statement alone makes me want to change the world and sip on a cup o’ coffee:

“To serve the best possible product (even when it means multiple vendors and more work). To serve said product consistently prepared with care and a conscious attitude. To make people feel as if the mere action of them entering Klekolo makes them very cool. The customer is not always right but they are right on. To always be aware that everyone is worthwhile as a human. To never forget the planet. To be creative and provide friendly service while being ourselves. To have fun, and to change the world.”

With long hours and located just down the hill at 181 Court Street, it is worth stopping by. Grab a coupon from their ads in the Argus.

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