Summer Booklists (Because Summer’s Not Over…Yet)

You know how in June, everyone gets super excited about summer reading? I’m not talking about assigned reading for high school (which, unfortunately, is so often boring), but rather about those suspenseful, scandalous, oddly addicting books that publishers bring out at the beginning of summer when everyone is hot, lazy, and looking to be entertained. I always love scouring these lists at the beginning of the summer and selecting all the titles I want to tackle now that there’s no schoolwork tying me back.

Most summer reading lists are compiled with the idea that these books be read poolside, or on the beach, or eating s’mores on a porch somewhere listening to crickets chirp in the distance. And while that does sound heavenly, these so-called “seasonal” books are just as readable with summer winding down! Check out these (rather scattered) summer booklists:

O Magazine’s Summer Reading List

CNN’s 12 Good Summer Reads

NPR’s Books Preview: Spotting Summer’s High Fliers

The New York Times’ List of Summer Beach Books

The Atlantic Monthly’s 10 Essential Books for Thought-Provoking Summer Reading

Any titles you’ve already read? Want to read? Personally, I had never heard of A New Culture of Learning before, but it sounds fascinating (if not particularly beach-y). Maybe there’s enough time to squeeze in some more reading before the semester begins!

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