Introducing the Workshop Tutors: The Full Roster

The Writing Workshop has officially opened! Hallelujah! To those of you with paper deadlines coming up (oh, how quickly summer fades away), hurry on over to get some advice on your work.

One of the (many) great things about the Workshop is that you can use it strategically to suit your particular needs. Writing an anthropology paper? Why not schedule an appointment with the tutor who is majoring in anthropology?

By the end of the week, we will be rolling out our big, colorful posters that list all tutors and when their office hours are. Until then, you can use this handy table:


  • Erica Solari, SPAN LIT (7-11pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Benjamin Soloway, HIST/ENGL/WRCT (7-11pm, Olin 106)
  • Joseph O’Donnell, CSS (7-11pm, SciLi 77)


  • Barbara Fenig, Russell Fellow/ENGL (1-4pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Nathan Jacobs, HIST (7-11pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Francesca Buzzi, COL/FREN (7-11pm, Olin 106)
  • Gabriel Rossman, CSS/PSYC (7-11pm, SciLi 77)


  • Anya Backlund, Ford Fellow/ENGL (1-4pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Betsy Sallee, ENGL (7-11pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Emma Caccamo, HIST/GOVT (7-11pm, Olin 106)
  • Lila Becker, COL (7-11pm, SciLi 77)


  • Katherine Mechling, Ford Fellow/HIST (1-4pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Marie Mencher, SOC/LAST (7-11pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Lindsay Abrams, ANTH/WRCT (7-11pm, Olin 106)
  • Emma Mohney, ENGL/FREN (7-11pm, SciLi 77)


  • Katherine Thorpe, Teagle Fellow/ENGL (1-4pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Ryan Sheldon, ENGL/HIST (7-11pm, Shapiro 306)
  • Jenna Robbins, THEA/FILM (7-11pm, Olin 106)
  • Gavin Swee, EAST/HIST (7-11pm, SciLi 77)

Just a note: the tutors in Olin always hold drop-in hours, meaning you can swing by without making an appointment. If you want to visit a tutor working in SciLi or Shapiro, make an appointment beforehand in your e-Portfolio!

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