[FYW] Submit to the Freshman Writing Contest

Hey freshmen, remember New Student Orientation? Remember back to a campus without upperclassmen and long, full days of events, parties, meetings, and constantly apologizing for forgetting everyone’s names? Time really does fly once classes start.

Even though it might seem like those special first days are ancient history, take heart: orientation isn’t over yet! These first few weeks (heck, this whole first year) is all about getting acclimated to the college experience, testing your boundaries and finding your niche. That’s what the Freshman Writing Contest is all about: encouraging you to explore college writing in a fun, creative, stimulating way. Writing at Wesleyan is so much more than churning out papers for classes; through writing, we contribute to the broader dialogues that form the intellectual heart of this academic community.

So, take advantage of this opportunity! Join the discourse, share your piece, and have fun with it. Remember, you don’t need to submit a research paper if you don’t want to (we’ve already received some intriguing creative work); so long as your piece relates in some way to energy, the First Year Matters theme, you’re good to go.

Click for the full Contest information. Good luck!

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