[FYW] MyWesLibrarian

Have you guys checked out “MyWesLibrarian” yet? It’s such a cool resource! I wish they’d had this around when I was a freshman.

“All first year students, sophomores, and transfer students are provided a link in their e-portfolio under “Library Services” to their own MyWesLibrarian.  That link provides you with your MyWesLibrarian’s name, his or her location, e-mail address, and how to get in touch before or after you arrive on campus.  We are always happy to answer any general library questions you might have.

Think of your MyWesLibrarian as your personal “gateway” into the library system at Wesleyan.  He or she can help you directly, will be able to direct you to a subject specialist (if appropriate) for research projects, learn how to use the library catalog, how to locate items (books, journals, music, DVDs and much more) in Wesleyan’s libraries, or suggest ways of obtaining materials quickly should they not be available through Wesleyan.  Take advantage of it!”

I cannot stress this enough: go visit a librarian. Even just once. Even just to say hello. The librarians are invaluable!

You’ll notice that as Wesleyan students, you have access to tremendous resources. Beyond Wesleyan’s three libraries (Olin Library, the Science Library, and the Art Library), Wesleyan belong to the CTW Consortium which allows students to check out books at Connecticut College or Trinity College with ease. If you add in Interlibrary Loan (a borrowing network that lets you check out books from libraries across the country) and our extensive collection of journal and database subscriptions, the sheer amount of information available to you can get overwhelming pretty fast.

That’s where librarians come in: they are experts at navigating through the labyrinth to help you find what you’re looking for. So go to your e-Portfolio, figure out who your librarian is, and drop him or her a line! You’ll be so thankful once those research papers start rolling around.

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