Fun Friday Writing Prompt

It’s finally Friday! What better way to kick back and celebrate the start of the weekend than with a fun writing prompt?

Pick up the closest book to you. Not your favorite, not the one you’re currently reading, but the book you are physically closest to. It can be any genre, length, etc.

Got it? Good.

Flip to page thirty and find the fifth complete sentence on that page.

For the next fifteen minutes, write/brainstorm something creative (poem, prose, lyrics, etc.) using that sentence (or a piece of it) as your first line.

I happened to be closest to Heffernan and Lincoln’s Writing: A College Handbook. Of course. That’s what happens when you work in the Writing Programs. So the line I have to work with:

“Precisely for that reason, you will find that you can make it grow even more as you continue to write.”

Aah, tricky! My first thought is some sort of book that generates real-life copies of whatever is written in it…should be fun to play around with.

If you wind up using the prompt and produce something interesting, definitely share it with us!

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