Submit to the Hangman’s Lime!

Calling all poets, established and aspiring: submit to The Hangman’s Lime!

The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest and most awesome all-poetry magazine, is seeking submissions. We want your beautiful, disturbing, outrageous, enriching, districting, and dare we say…sexy work – in short, any and all kinds of poetry.

Please send three to five poems to by October 31st (Halloween, or Samhain if you observe Celtic holidays).

And please help pass this message on to all friends, acquaintances, enemies, and lovers former and future.

— Max Nussenbaum ’12

Got a notebook stashed somewhere in your dorm room filled with old poems? (Come on, I know some of you do!) Pull it out and rifle through it: I bet there’s something publishable hidden in there.

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