Introducing the Workshop Tutors: Emma Mohney

Name: Emma Mohney

Class Year: 2012

Major: English, French Studies

Hobbies, Interests, Quirks, etc.: I love reading, watching movies, traveling, and baking.

What aspect of writing I find most difficult: Starting! Formulating a clear and opinionated thesis is hard for me, too–especially if there’s no prompt. I have to write multiple drafts just of my thesis!

My #1 piece of writing advice: Before starting a paper, figure out where you want it to go. For some people, this means a detailed outline; for others, it means a list of key words scribbled on a sticky note. Having your ideas sorted out means you won’t have to stop as often to figure out what you need to discuss next–so you can just keep writing!


Emma works on Wednesdays from 7-11pm in SciLi Room 77. Come visit!

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