Weekly Writer’s Roundup: 10.15.11

Halfway through October! Instead of commenting on how terrifying that is, I’ll leave you with some weekend reading:

  • Did you ever have to memorize and recite poems in school? Apart from a few Shakespeare monologues here and there, I never did, but it’s common practice in a lot of places. Apparently, according to a new study conducted by Oxford University, memorizing poetry might be more beneficial than previously thought!
  • I am so psyched to learn about this! Starting on October 17,  the 15th Poetry Africa international poetry festival opens in Durban, South Africa. Check out the event’s blog here! (The Witness)
  • Check out The Guardian’s guide to the Booker Prize shortlist: read reviews and author interviews, listen to excerpts, and submit your own critiques!
  • This is an interesting article over at The American Scholar that discusses why plagiarism is so difficult to avoid: when we receive information, we’re much  more likely to remember the information itself than its source.
  • There’s a new kid in town: a new Literature Prize will compete with the Man Booker Prize, which some argue is too concerned with reader-friendliness as opposed to high art. (BBC News)

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