Stethoscope Student Writers: Jason Katzenstein

Student-run Stethoscope Press has selected four students who will be working with peer editors to write and publish their own books.  Get to know the writers, and keep checking the Writing Blog throughout the school year to read about their progress.

Jason Katzenstein '13 is creating a graphic novel

A sketch from Jason's future book

Jason Katzenstein, an English major with a flair for drawing, realized a lifelong dream this year with the ultimate summer job: working for MAD Magazine.  Having already accomplished some small-scale work, and eve n getting some bylines in MAD, Jason is ready to move on to a more ambitious project: completing a full-length graphic novel.
Jason grew up on Robert Crumb’s undergound comix, Daniel Clowes, and MAD, and will be drawing from various inspirations to create autobiographical stories, essays, single panel narratives, and experimental work, all which will come together to form one coherent whole.  Are you as excited as we are to find out what this is heading?


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