Guide to Proper Citation

When you’re ready to start compiling sources for your final papers, the library’s put together some great guides to make sure you do so in (proper) style.  Below, we’ve organized the information for quick reference in any discipline.  For more information about your specific subject, check out the library’s research guides.  Make sure to read up on how to write your bibliography as well!

If your profession has requested a specific style, it’s important to follow it.  If not, the most common styles are usually acceptable as long as you’re consistent.

MLA style, which is most commonly used in the humanities, is known for including the author’s last name and page number in parenthesis within the text of your essay.

Chicago style, which is a bit more complicated, involves footnotes instead of in-text citations.

Turabian is a simplified Chicago style.

There are also more specific guides for different subjects:

APA for psychology as well as most NSM and SBS subjects

CSE, or Council of Science Editors, for most NSMs

ASA for sociology

ASC for chemistry

GSA for earth and environmental studies

AMS for mathematics

AIP for physics

Specific instructions for citing electronic resources should be covered in these guides, but can also be found here.

Government documents have their own way of being cited as well.

There is also a guide available for citing sources found in the Special Collections and Archives.

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to read up on Wesleyan’s intellectual property policy. When it comes to citations, you’re better off safe than sorry!

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