Tiny Stories to Make You Think, Smile, Cry…and Write!

In the same vein as the ever-popular FML and MLIA, MMT – which stands for Makes Me Think – is a website devoted to collecting snippets of profound human moments that encourage readers to pause and reflect on the strangeness and beauty of life. I came across this website the other day and while scrolling through pages upon pages of touching (sometimes veering towards downright sappy) tales, I couldn’t shake the thought that I had stumbled upon a fantastic collection of writing prompts.

Consider the following, for instance:

“Today would have been the 127th day in a row that I visited her at the hospital as she rested in a coma. But last night I had a dream that she died, and I woke up in tears this morning and couldn’t bring myself to drive to the hospital to see her lying there like that. So I stayed in bed, staring at the ceiling, and thinking of how I was going to have to learn to live without her for the rest of my life. And then my phone rang, and it was her. MMT”

In just four sentences, we have a tantalizing hint of the wider story. We can start to guess at the relationship these two people had – at first I assumed they were lovers, but maybe it would be more interesting with a more complicated dynamic? – and what could have caused the coma in the first place. In using the raw emotion of the story as our guide, we can reconstruct (to our own liking!) a narrative around this one visceral moment.

Not feeling inspired by this story? There are tons more to choose from. You can lose yourself in the archives of Makes Me Think or, for something a little more manageable, click over to this selection of 99 Tiny Stories to Make You Think, Smile, and Cry on Marc and Angel Hack Life. Read through the snippets until one calls out to you, begging for elaboration.

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