Welcome Back!

Welcome (back) to campus, Wesleyan writers!

We hope you had fun, productive, writing- and reading-filled summers, and that you’re ready to tackle this semester head-on. And we’re here to help you do just that!

Keep an eye on the Workshop blog over the next few days–we’ll be posting information about the Writing Mentor Program (apply here), the Writing Workshop schedule (the Workshop opens this Sunday, September 9th) and upcoming writing-related events.

In the meantime, mark your paper deadlines on your calendar, check out the Russell House Fall 2012 Events Calendar, and enjoy the weekend!

Some interesting writing-related news from around the Web:

Feel free to drool over this New York Times preview of high-profile books coming out this fall.

Also from the New York Times, novelist Colson Whitehead shares his rules for writing.

This is a little old, but still awesome: Flavorwire’s Google Maps tour of famous authors’ homes (from Shakespeare’s to Didion’s).

Tim Parks reflects on community in the age of globalization, and what this has to do with writing, in the New York Review of Books.

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