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The Shapiro Center for Writing at Wesleyan University is a hub for students to work on their academic writing. Whether you need a one-time appointment with a tutor before a paper is due, or you would really benefit from having someone to work with on a consistent basis throughout the semester, we have trained tutors willing to help!

Good Luck

senior thesis writers!!!!! Remember the Workshop is open ’til 11pm! (Go hassle Davy in his Olin 106 drop-in hours). xo, Ford Fellows

Apply to be a Writing Tutor!

Would you like to improve your writing, help other students with theirs, and impress the whole world with your skills? Then apply to be a writing tutor! The Writing Workshop is currently hiring tutors and mentors for the 2011-2012 academic…

A Writer’s Habits: Kent Jones

What type of writing do you do? Mainly fiction, some creative nonfiction. Where is your favorite place to write? Anyplace where I can watch people, like a cafe or public park, I’ll bring my typewriter or laptop and be inspired…

Spotlight: Russell Library

Though there is no denying that we have a word-class library at our disposal (or three), Middletown’s own Russell Library is a comfortable, secluded spot only slightly, but sufficiently, removed from the bustle of campus. Only a block away from…