Countdown to the Thesis Deadline = Busy Workshop

As many of you are aware, the thesis deadline is less than one week away! Next Tuesday, April 12th, all undergraduate theses must be officially submitted in order to be eligible for honors. (Buck up, everyone: the finish line is in sight!)

At this stage in the game, thesis writers should (hopefully) have most of their writing done and be turning to the persnickety aspects of their work, like grammar and footnotes. But if you’re still unsure about the flow of one of your chapters or are tempted to restructure your conclusion, don’t fear:  the tutors of the Writing Workshop are happy to assist you. (They’ll even help with the grammar and the footnotes, too.)

However, if you are planning to visit the Workshop before theses are due, you should book an appointment as soon as possible. This is an extremely hectic week and many of the time slots are already filled! You can reserve a slot by clicking on the “Writing Workshop” link in the Academic Resources section of your e-portfolio, or by calling us at (860) 685 – 2440. Additionally, if all the appointments are taken, you can try camping outside of Room 106 on the first floor of Olin Library for drop-in hours, which run from 7pm to 11pm, Sunday – Thursday. Check the schedule to find a time that works best for you.

Finally, a few quick words of advice:

  • To save time, consider asking a friend to read through your draft, focusing either on broad content (can he follow your argument even though he knows nothing about the subject?) or on locating and correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. Bribe him with cookies, if you must.
  • Revisit the Jellybean Papers. All of the information on such unglamorous but necessary subjects as printing and creating a PDF can be found here.
  • Breathe. You’ve come this far, you can make it one more week! Good luck!

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