Stethoscope Student Writers: Glenn Stowell

Student-run Stethoscope Press has selected four students who will be working with peer editors to write and publish their own books.  Get to know the writers, and keep checking the Writing Blog throughout the school year to read about their progress.

Glenn Stowell '13 is writing a collection of poetry

Glenn Stowell ’13 is majoring in Economics, plays hockey and baseball, is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon, and has just started work on a collection of poetry that he describes as utlizing “familiar fiction scaffoldings—consistent cast of characters, consistent setting, the like—in knitting broader metaphorical connections throughout the entire work.”

Inspired by poets James Wright, Katherine Larson, Li-Young Lee, Galway Kinnell, Don Hall, Geoffrey Hill, WS Merwin, Jane Kenyon and Maurice Manning, Glenn is setting his work in 1950’s New Salam, Western Mass. The cast, in his words, consists of:

a big rig drivin daddy too willing to sacrifice; an imprint that imprints itself in his side of the bed; his absorbent wife; an unborn child (for now);  footprints that lead away from the front door; half-buried footprints that come toward the door; orange newts that litter the path to the reservoir on spring mornings

A native of Hadley, MA, Glenn plans to dedicate the finished book to his grandparents and to a teacher, mentor and friend who passed away this month.

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