Busy Two Weeks at the Workshop

Hoping to score an appointment with a writing tutor sometime during the next few weeks? A quick word of advice: book it now. Things are filling up fast.

As you may or may not know, senior theses are due in (eek) a little less than two weeks on Thursday, April 12. From now until then, the Writing Workshop will be absolutely crawling with seniors scrounging for as much additional feedback as possible on their chapters. If you’re not a senior, but still have writing to do, no worries! You’re just as entitled to be seen. Just plan ahead to beat the rush: know you’ve got a paper due on the 10th? Swoop in right now and book an appointment for the 8th (thus forcing yourself to have something written ahead of time).

Finally, a few words of advice for thesis writers hoping to make use of the Workshop during the next two weeks:

  • Book your appointment now. In just a few days, we might be full up.
  • Don’t book an appointment for Wednesday the 11th and think it’s going to be helpful. By that point, there’s little a tutor is going to be able to do for you.
  • Don’t expect your tutor to read your entire thesis in one 45 minute session. It’s not going to happen.
  • Along that line, come in with a single chapter (or section of a chapter) and specific guidelines for your tutor to help guide his or her reading. For instance, maybe you’re concerned that you go off-tangent too often in Chapter 1. Make it explicitly clear to your tutor that tangents are your greatest concern; if he or she has other suggestions, you’d be happy to hear them, but you’d like to focus on the tangents.’
  • If all you’re looking for is a copy-editor, that’s okay. Just say so! While we typically will not copy-edit student work, senior theses are our one exception to this rule.
  • Breathe. No matter how frantic you might feel, acting frantic won’t help anybody. Take a moment while your tutor reads your thesis to sit back, close your eyes, and dream about how much free time you’re going to have when this is all over with.

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